Excited to see the gleams in their eyes

The association, the Egri Spartacus Orienteering Running Sports Association, is based in the beautiful baroque town of Eger, Hungary. They currently have nearly 100 active members, 70 of whom are under 20 years old. They think it is important to get as many children as possible interested in orienteering, and the previous World Orienteering Day, which they have been regularly participating in since its inception, is a great help in this. Every year they get over 1000 children moving, and PE teachers are happy to bring their students to the events. Due to the huge interest, they have had to extend the event to several days in recent years.

For years, the central location has been the city centre of Eger, where they set up sprint courses of varying difficulty for different age groups: the smallest children run on the traffic-free Gárdonyi Square, while the older ones run all over the city centre.

The next day, the children will be welcomed in the “lungs of the city”, in the Érsekkert, with a parkland run, maze and matrix courses. After that, they will take orienteering to students from schools in the north and south of the city for a day of residential park sprint courses or, where this is not possible, matrix courses in the school yard. Teachers are already expressing interest in the 2024 dates, and the Egri Spartacus Orienteering Running Sports Association are excited to see the gleams in their eyes.

Every event counts!

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