In May 2024, between the dates May 18th and May 26th, any activity held can be registered as a World Orienteering Week event.

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The timing fits in nicely


David Alcock teach Geography at Bradford Grammar School, in northern England. He have organised a World Orienteering Day event for the school students every year since 2016 (apart from the pandemic-affected year of 2020). The timing fits in nicely with our internal examination week for Year 7 and 8 students (aged 11-13), as running an … Continued

Enrich Education and WOW


One of the most exciting elements of the Enrich/IOF partnership was the potential to work together to explore how Maze Orienteering could be incorporated within an ‘Orienteering Event Day’ package, so that schools which do not have a conventional orienteering course could be offered the opportunity to provide a rewarding orienteering experience to children.The intention … Continued

WOW is a great concept


In Denmark, Torben , has preregistered a WOW event for 2024. He is a captain in the Danish defence and a volunteer in the Danish Home Guard, North Jutland district. He has an education as an orienteering coach and course setter and he runs orienteering races himself when the time is right. But mostly he … Continued

Training with SportIdent


World Orienteering Week partner SportIdent has an Orienteering-App that makes your training easy. Create a new training session in the O-App installed on your smartphone, select the training mode (Standard, Score-OL or Rogai-ning) and record the participants.After crossing the finish line, connect the mini Reader to your smartphone, read the SI-Card and automatically print out … Continued

Glad WOD is now WOW


Don Winslow is a teacher who works with special education students and have been teaching for 32 years. He is also a member of the Rochester Orienteering Club and OUSA. He started orienteering in 2006 using the permanent orienteering courses that his club, Rochester Orienteering Club has made. He is the caretaker for one of those courses at Webster Park … Continued

It's time to crown this year's SkiO World Cup champions and U23 SkiO World Champions! The Ski Orienteering World Cup Final Round, 2024 kicks off Friday in Estonia 🇪🇪 and you can follow the decisive races on IOF TV.

The new design for our World Orienteering Week clothing line from WOW-partner SIGN Sport has just arrived👀 See the entire clothing collection at And don't forget: Any orienteering activity between the dates May 18th and May 26th can be registered as a World Orienteering Week event in 2024.

BBC did an interesting article on navigation skills and sense of direction, where British Orienteering national team athlete Ralph Street contributes with his experiences in orienteering since childhood.

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And don’t forget: Any orienteering activity between the dates May 18th and May 26th can be registered as a @worldorienteeringweek  event in 2024🌍
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