Look out for hobbits during WOW

Why did we register this event?

North West Orienteering Club in New Zealand noticed that the date of the event falls within WOW and we thought it would be good to have an event from New Zealand and it will also provide a different angle for them to use when marketing the event. And they thought that the location of the event, having been used for filming Lord of the Rings, might be of interest to others.  This is the first time the club has registered an event for WOW. We haven’t decided yet what we will do at the event to mark WOW – maybe we will have a special spot prize or something?

About the event 

The event is the first of 3 events that are part of an annual rogaine series that the Ccub organises. Each event is a 90 minute rogaine, suitable for all ability levels from total beginners to experienced orienteers. They use different location for each event; the event on Sunday 19 May is on farmland while the other two events are in forests. Typically each event attracts around 250 competitors and they have had as many as 400 people at an event. This will include people competing as individuals as well as families, school and work groups. 

About Stoney Brook Farm

This is a beautiful venue, just over 30km from central Auckland city. Parts of the farm were used for the filming of the Lord of the Rings Series for Amazon.  There are wonderful views up and down the Kaipara Valley. While it is predominantly farm land, there is a small amount of forest including lots of small streams and waterfalls in the valley. We will use the connection to the Lord of the Rings in our marketing of the event. The location for our next Bivouac Outdoor rogaine is Stoney Brook farm, last used by Amazon for filming Lord of the Rings so while you hunt for controls you just might see a hobbit-hole or two!

Every event counts!