For WOW, we might add a longer and more difficult one.

Saturday May 25th, Trol Orienteering Club will organise the monthly Gent Orienteering Series. The secretary of the club, Mark Van Bruggen, says;

– “We think WOW (formerly known as WOD) is great promotion for our sport.

This is our 4th entry, after 2021, 2022 and 2023.”

This year, their event is part of their monthly Gent Orienteering Series, which they started as an event for beginners. Since there are very few forests in western Belgium and most are forbidden for orienteering, they started Gent Orienteering Series in parks, as Citadelpark, and on the university campuses.

Slowly, beginners gain confidence and give it a try in ‘bigger’ events in the east and south of Belgium.

For the Gent Orienteering Series this year, that will be included in World Orienteering Week, Trol Orienteering Club are planning at least 2 easy and short courses. But Mark says;

“For WOW, we might add a longer and more difficult one.”

Everyone is welcome.

If you are in near of the event on the 25th of May you can register on site, but you can also do it through

Every event counts!