A huge world wide happening

The club, BASOC (Badenoch & Strathspey Orienteering Club) based in the north of Scotland SE of Inverness. It is a very small club (about 30 members) and the population density in the area is low. They however have some terrific areas (e.g. Loch Vaa was used for the WOC Relay in 1999) and many clubs and squads visit our areas for training. The club put on a few small events every year and a larger one (attracting 300+ competitors) about every second year. They have weekly training sessions (unless there is a local league event that week e.g. Northern Night Cup, Northern Urban League which are leagues with BASOC, INVOC – Inverness O Club, and MOR – Moravian Orienteers. They work hard to try and attract more members – a huge problem is that there is so much outdoor activity available in this area! But of course it is great!

BASOC entered WOW for many reasons and have done so for the past couple of years or so. They are planning on having a local event / training session on the evening of Wednesday 22nd May with a social afterwards. It is linked to our ‘Tuesday=O training’ (yes, it is on Wednesday, but they have their reasons!). The following week is the first of the Northern Urban League on another local area, those coming to WOW might be inclined to come along to a slightly bigger competition.

By registering with WOW they can use this for extra publicity and ‘ramp up’ everything around the event. They can let participants know that they have taken part in one event which is part of a huge world wide happening (and thus they do not feel that this sport just happens in a wee corner of Scotland!).

Every event counts!