World Orienteering Day preparations in Portugal, Great Britian and Czechia

The first inspiration for WOD event is from a small town orienteering team in Portugal that has prereigstered two World Orienteering Day events already for 2023 for development and visibilty of orienteering in the area. There will be events togheter with schools and also an open day training during the weekend with exercise on a Urban Sprint Map that they have from a former National event.

Promotion for WOD 2023 in Great Britian.

The second inspiration for a WOD event is from Great Britian the Swansea Bay Orienteering Club that also has preregistered two World Orienteering Day events for 2023. The first event is at Kilvey Hill in Swansea and is part of a series of events the club holds every summer.  Yellow, Orange, Lt Green and Green courses available.  The area is forested with numerous paths and the event is suitable for all abilities and ages with help on hand for newcomers. The second event is a Sunday Park-O event at Clyne Valley Country Park in Swansea and is the first event of the Park-O series that is held over the summer.  White, Yellow, Orange and Score courses are available at this event as well. These events are aimed at bringing newcomers and families into the sport, they give juniors the chance to progress their skills and the Score course gives experienced members the chance to have a good run out and hone their urban/sprint skills. The white course is also suitable for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users.

WOD 2022 event in Czechia.

The third and last inspiration for WOD event is from Czechia and the orienteering club Tatran Jablonec.They will organise WOD 2023 in ten similiar way as in 2022. The club organizes training for young orienteering groups every thursday. The one during WOD2023 will be opened for public and it will be advertised in city newspapers. Courses will be set in O-maze, then some short courses around the meadow, and a longer course, with plastic ribons for children and without them for experienced runners.

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