WODs partner Dobas

Dobas CEO Dobromir Dobrev thoughts and answer to why they are partner to WOD.

What are your main concern for being a partner to World Orienteering Day?

 “Of course our main concerns are financial because being partner to World Orienteering Day is very responsible but at the same time costly job and we are afraid that if we invest a large amount of money for advertisement, we won`t be able to return back all the costs. Unfortunately, as a small family company our marketing expenses are too limited.”

Why did you want to be a partner to World Orienteering Day?

“We would love to contribute to the Orienteering sport globally not only locally (because we do our best to sponsor different Bulgarian clubs and events). We see this partnership as a chance to attract new possible clients to our business worldwide which will help us to grow and flourish.”

In what way will you contribute to World Orienteering Day 2019?

“We would like to manufacture orienteering flags, which will be provided for the clubs in need for free. In this way, we want to show empathy to those who have just taken up with this sport and need support, in order to grow and exist. “

What do you think that World Orienteering Day can do for orienteering globally?

“All the events connected to the World Orienteering Day are some kind of presentation and demonstration of our sport to those who had never tried it before. At the same time, this is a celebration for all orienteering-lovers and a great chance to catch up old friends and train together.”