WOD Ambassador Daniel Hubmann

How did it happen that you have been appointed WOD ambassador? 

Swiss Orienteering asked me if I was available and wanted to contribute to WOD.

What do you like about this Worldwide Orienteering project?

It is a great idea to organize Orienteering events throughout the entire globe. WOD is a perfect possibility to promote our sport and show the fascination of Orienteering to as many people as possible.

Compared to other countries, in Switzerland the WOD-virus has not yet become all too virulent. How can we change this?

In Switzerland, we are very active when it comes to organizing actual Orienteering events. However, these events are often not visible to the bigger public as these are «Orienteering-insider events». WOD would be a possibility to show Orienteering in the spotlight to everybody. Good examples in this respect are the «Apple-Trophy» and the Orienteering Cup in the Rhine valley.

There is an entry in the WOD-map in Volketswil. On your Facebook-page that this has been your personal contribution to WOD. How did it come you organized this WOD-event?

This was a good coincidence. Every now and then one of my sponsors asks me to organize an O-event in combination with a presentation. These are excellent opportunities to correct misconceptions and prejudiced about our sport. The event a JOWA [a big Swiss bakery business] happened to take place at the WOD-day. The participants completed a course through forest, suburbs and the company site. Whether walking or running, most participants have been fascinated by the feeling of finding controls only by means of a map. It’s this feeling that I like to convey to people. That’s also one of the reasons why I agreed to become WOD ambassador.

The interview was first published in the august issue of the Swiss Orienteering Magazine.

By the way:

The event at Volketswil has been organized by WOD ambassador Dani Hubmann for a company called JOWA.