We will do it again!

Photo_Hudiksvall2Last year, Hudiksvalls OK carried out the World Orienteering Day in Borgarparken, with 738 students from schools in the city. WOD 2016 was a success for both schools and for the club activities. Now they are ready again for a new event in 2017.

– When you are part of something bigger, it is much easier to promote the orienteering activities and we really reached out to make orienteering more visible and more attractive, the club coach Catherine Vennberg says.

The young people came to Borgarparken during the day between 09: 00-14:00. The club had written a timetable for school classes so that there was a steady flow throughout the day. Each teacher for each class had the responsibility to take the class to the park.

The students worked in groups of 2-4 people. The exercise was carried out as Rogaine orienteering, but they should still pick the check points in numerical order. Students were asked to choose one of six courses. Out in the terrain there were also helpers dressed in a vest with the text “Ask Me”. While students found all the control they had also to solve a number of tasks at each checkpoint. The entire WOD event had “cooperation, joy and fellowship” as its motto.

SISU Hälsingland was also there and made a movie of WOD in Hudiksvall. The following link shows this movie: