Terms of service

Data use and protection

To participate in World Orienteering Day, i.e. to register a WOD event, the user must create an account. When creating an account on the World Orienteering Day homepage, the following is valid.

  • The IOF collects personal data regarding name (mandatory), telephone number (optional) and e-mail address (mandatory). The user has the choice whether this information is publicly displayed on the website in connection with a planned World Orienteering Day event, or not. The personal information collected is only available to the IOF and will not be shared with other organisations or businesses, including IOF or World Orienteering Day partners.
  • The IOF may use the above collected information to send to the user, information about the administration, planning and implementation of the World Orienteering Day project, events and activities.
  • The IOF may also send to the user, information about offerings from World Orienteering Day partners. This information will be sent only via the IOF, not directly from partners.

If a user does not want to give the IOF access to the above personal data, an account should not be created.