SPORTident – Special offers for the World Orienteering Day

Especially for the World Orienteering Day 2017 orienteering equipment for the young generation of orienteers has been developed. This also affects the support of the work of the organisers and the teachers in orienteering activities. Create an exciting course, turn on our timing equipment, start with the competition and get an instant printout of the results. The kids will love it!

Three combinations of SPORTident School-Set “WOD” with different types of SPORTident Cards has been assembled. All sets contain 15 SI-Stations (BSF8), 1 SI-Master and the SI-Printout Set to guarantee a fast and easy evaluation, and are available in three different options. Option one: 30 SI-pCard, designed with the “WOD” logo. Option two: 30 SI-ComCard “School”, developed for the World Orienteering day. Option three: 30 brand new SPORTident ActiveCard “School” in grapefruit neon colour, which allows the contactless punching of up to 30 controls.

Use your chance to complete your School-Set “WOD” and win a supporting set of 15 O-stand and 15 control flags. Our newly developed O-stand ensures the easy mounting of the flag below the mounting holder plate. The fiberglass stick is easy to set up in various terrains and convenient to transport.

With every order of a School-Set “WOD” you will automatically be participating our lottery which will take place on the 30th of April 2017.

Be part of the World Orienteering Day and use our special offers to make your event exciting and unforgettable.