Show how interesting and exciting orienteering is

A rather young orienteering club, Sakartvelo Orienteering Club, which was created in the beginning of May last year, 2023, located in Tbilisi, have preregistered a World Orienteering Week event. They was part of the last World Orienteering Day in 2023 and are now following up this year as well.

The main organiser Ian Sundkvist, also a mapper of Sakartvelo Orienteering Club says that during their particiatping in World Orienteering Day 2023 on the 20th of May they had 94 people participating in the competition.

Ian says that they entered World Orienteering Week to promote orienteering in Georgia, to introduce local people to orienteering and show how interesting and exciting this kind of sport is.

For 2024 Sakartvelo Orienteering Club will organise, not only a forest and park race for everyone, but also a Maze challenge with SportIdent cards and stations.

Ian Sundkvist ends with the words; “We appreciate World Orienteering Week and will be joining the big celebration!”

Every event counts!