OCAD 12 Starter is now available

starterMaps are one of the most important tools to make orienteering available for schools. Therefore, in cooperation with event sponsor OCAD, producers of map making software, WOD event organisers can apply to the IOF for a free licence of OCAD software.

OCAD will give away 150 OCAD 12 Starter Editions, time-limited to six (6) months. Based on strategic development opportunities, the IOF will also give away an additional 50 OCAD 12 Starter Edition licenses to selected WOD organisers and new countries of significance for the global development of orienteering.

After you have registered your event on the WOD website and you need OCAD software for mapping area to implement a WOD event, please send an email to Göran Andersson (goran.andersson.rf@gmail.com) regarding your needs.