Lumonite – new partner to WOD

Lumonite is a relatively newly developed headlamps. The lamps are developed in Finland where the company behind the brand, Handshake Finland Oy, is based. Lumonite is active in many of the night orienteering countries. The lamps are developed for orienteering and are also used in other sports, for example enduro and cross-country skiing.

Lumonite and IOF has signed a two year contract with the purpose of further strengthening the head lamp market. The agreed collaboration is broad with the World Orienteering Day as one of the components.

WOD have asked Niko Peltoniemi, Key Account Manager at Handshake Finland Oy the four WHY WOD questions.

– What are your main concern for being a partner to World Orienteering Day?

To be a partner with WOD is big thing to us, we want to be a part of building orienteering as a sport by offering our high quality products for the orienteers, products which are designed in Finland together with top orienteers.

– Why did you want to be a partner to World Orienteering Day?

In Lumonite we want to be a part of this great event, because orienteering is such a wonderful sport. We want to bring orienteering more visible together with the World Orienteering Day and the International Orienteering Federation.

– In what way will you contribute to World Orienteering Day 2021?

 We will make our own contribution by sharing and marketing WOD as an event where is no matter in location, circumstances or on the basis of the participant. Hopefully together we will get more different countries and new people interested in orienteering.

– What do you think that World Orienteering Day can do for orienteering globally?

In Lumonite we believe that WOD together with the partners will reach much more potential orienteers from many countries. With this, orienteering as a sport will raise it’s head to the next level and media attention will grow.

WOD is looking forward to the collaboration together with Lumonite.

The Lumonite homepage is found here:

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