Invite a friend to orienteering

The invite a friend to recreational orienteering -campaign is coming again.

The Finnish Orienteering Federation invites the clubs to join the “Kutsu kaveri kuntorasteille” campaign between May 18 and 26, 2024.

The purpose of the campaign is to increase the interest of recreational orienteering events and to increase the number of participants. The purpose of the campaign is to introduce more people to the sport. In practice, when the club participates in the campaign, the club offers free participation in its event to a person (who is not an orienteer) who is invited to the event by an orienteer. The Finnish OF markets the campaign and the events included in it nationally and produces material for social media marketing for the use of clubs.

Last year seven events were included in the campaign, including the Tampere Iltarastit. The evening parades organized in the forests of Kauppi near the center gathered almost 400 participants and dozens of groups of friends were seen taking part.

People who had tried orienteering for a long time and people joining for the first time formed a wide spectrum, friends included work colleagues, relatives, school friends, family and acquaintances. This is an easy way to get to know orienteering for the first time.

Clubs and event organizers can sign up for the 2024 campaign. More information about the campaign and the related events on the website. Interested clubs and event organizers can register their event on the same website under “Register your club to the campaign”.

At the same time, there is the World Orienteering Week campaign of the International Orienteering Federation IOF. The events of the “Kutsu kaveri kuntoraceilleil” campaign are also part of the World Orienteering Week campaign and will be added as World Orienteering Weeks events by the Finnish Orienteering Federation.

Every event counts!