Celebration all year long

South Ribble Orienteering Club, situated in the North West of England, are putting on a 2 part Sprint event in Happy Mount Park, Morecambe on Tuesday 21st May.

Its particularly useful to encourage activity in schools and there are many in the area that have maps of their grounds and teach orienteering as part of the school week. This is often linked to key skills, like maths and English.

South Ribble Orienteering Club will be aiming to attract some of them to come with their parents to the park, which has been hugely popular as a day out for generations of people in the area.

This year is particularly special for South Ribble Orienteering Club as its their 60th anniversary of founding! They were the first orienteering club to be formed in England.

The World Orienteering Week event is one of a series of Summer Evening Sprints that the club puts on.

Venues include parks, University campuses and forests, all local to the area. Later in the year a club celebration dinner and special score event are planned, and new anniversary club kit has also been commissioned.

Every event counts!