Be part of something bigger! Colour the world!

More than 330 events are registered for the upcoming World Orienteering Day on May 24th 2017. With events registered in 45 countries across 6 continents, this year’s WOD has got off to an excellent start. We hope you are all considering how to implement a fun activity in your school, in your club, in your village, in your city or in your country.  “Be part of something bigger! Colour the world!” will be our new slogan for WOD. All WOD events are important, small or large, it doesn’t matter, all events will be part of something great. Together all organisers and all participants will show that orienteering is growing world-wide.

Please watch the new PR movie and you will also find additional promotion kit for you to use for promotion of WOD in your part of the world.

And of course, remember to follow the Rabbit’s travel through Europe to the WOD and World Cup in Turku. The Rabbit started the tour some weeks ago in Sweden and took part with WOD Ambassador Tove Alexandersson at the World Orienteering Championships in Ski Orienteering in Krasnojarsk, Russia, there she won 3 GOLD medals! During the stopover in Sweden, the Rabbit met the Swedish team mate in Biathlon Torstein Stenersen. With his help the Rabbit is now on the way to Oslo in Norway and the Rabbit will enjoy the lovely country for a week before the Rabbit is travelling on to sunny Antalya in Turkey. You can follow the Rabbit Tour here and on IOF’s Facebook, Instagram and with the hashtag #wodcolourtheworld.