A small, but very important, report from Indonesia

This was the first time a WOD event was held in the city of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. The location of the event was at Campus UIN Sunan Kalijaga. MPAS Maestro FBS UNM participated in the WOD to carry out some action items, technical meeting, held a sprint race orienteering located at state University of Makassar, … Continued

Hard work makes a successful event in China

  In 2017, WOD in Hunan, China, was held on the beautiful campus of Hunan University again. It was successful in attracting 3000 participants including about 500 families with 1000 parents and children. These families are highlight of the competition. The woman in charge was Brandy Tang. This is her story:   The opening ceremony … Continued

For the first time in Cambodia

  Happy Chandara is a Cambodian school for girls from disadvantaged families around Phnom Penh, created by the French NGO “Toutes à l’école”. I have done orienteering for more than 15 years, and I’m the godmother, since I became a PE teacher, of three girls of this school. I came to Cambodia as a volunteer … Continued

WOD in Canberra, Australia

Taking events to the people – Canberra reaches top ten cities for World Orienteering Day events. Turkey managed a staggering 86,000 participants in the second World Orienteering Day (WOD) event on May 24th 2017, with its capital Ankara staging 51 events and Istanbul 34. Such phenomenal success for such a “novice” country begs the question … Continued

Thank you all WOD event organisers!

  The implementation of World Orienteering Day (WOD) shows that there are many people with a lot of passion to develop orienteering worldwide. You and your great work made it possible! You are very important and without you and your contribution we wouldn’t have any successful World Orienteering Days!   On Wednesday May 24th 2017, the … Continued

Turkey shows the world once again

  WOD is a great success world-wide and one of the main contributor is Turkey. This year, World Orienteering Day was hosted by sport clubs, schools and local governments all over Turkey. Activities were organised nationwide for all orienteering lovers, in order to be the country with the most participants this year, just like the … Continued

The British Army takes part in World Orienteering Day

  May 24th saw only the second ever World Orienteering Day, with thousands of participants taking part in different events and activities throughout the UK. The British Army Orienteering Club delivered an individual military training orienteering competition on World Orienteering Day at Longmoor Training Area. Lt Col Chris Huthwaite, who is Chairman of the Army Orienteering Association … Continued

Singapore is moving forward with schools

  I am happy to share with you some of the maps and photos from two consecutive orienteering events in Singapore during World Orienteering Day! We held a mass score orienteering event for 232 students at the Singapore Sports Hub in the morning, and a technical orienteering session for a smaller group of 19 students in the … Continued

Trail WOD in Latvia

In the city of Ventspils on Latvia’s west coast, the Orienteering club “Ziemeļkurzeme” organised orienteering events in two disciplines: – FootO – TrailO The small downhill skiing arena was the event centre, and south west of the arena the FootO took place in a lovely section of pine forest. Around the ski slope people carried out TrailO … Continued

WODY to Turkey

WODY is travelling to Turkey. WODY will be on tour through Turkey to celebrate the success of WOD2017. Turkey had a fantastic result and has increased the number of participants with more than 75% compared to last year. As a final result, Turkey registered 86 436 WOD participants.