75 countries on all continents

WOD event will be held on Mauritius. 


Wednesday May 24th is coming closer and closer. Of 75 countries or territories registered so far, 17 non-IOF members have already registered a least one WOD event.

WOD events will be hosted on all continents. Antarctica, Greenland, Oman, Cambodia, Iceland, Singapore, Kosovo, Lebanon, the Philippines, Macau, Haiti, Albania, New Caledonia, Greece, Costa Rica, Montenegro and Mauritius are those countries or territories that are not yet members of the IOF.

Like last year, Turkey has the most registered WOD event so far (almost 350 WOD events), but who knows if the big established nations will register as many as Turkey? So far we have almost 1300 locations registered.

The Rabbit has now been in New Zealand for nearly a week and the Rabbit is aiming for Australia as its next stop. As you know we have a “name-competition”, please give the Rabbit a great name. Send your proposal to goran.andersson.rf@gmail.com! Latest date is May 15th!